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These charming LEGO Altoid tins are immaculate reused make. They make fun smaller than normal travel units to keep kids occupied in the vehicle or on a plane. Or on the other hand, you can make up a pack for no particular reason birthday take home gifts.

In case you’re making them as birthday cute gifts, have the children help make and structure each tin! You’d be astounded what number of various Lego pieces can fit in an Altoid tin.

I for one LOVE altoids however I have nothing to do with the tins but to discard them. furthermore, discovered this wonderful method to utilize the altoids tins as a small lego unit that I’m going to give you now.


Spare your mint tins! There are such huge numbers of approaches to upcycle your void Altoid tins, so these adorable metal boxes merit sparing. You can without much of a stretch transform one into a LEGO play pack for kids, an incredible excursion thought or birthday cute gift. Customize each tin with your child’s preferred Lego sets.WHAT YOU’LL NEED TO MAKE LEGO ALTOID TINS:

Altoid tin

Acrylic make paint (discretionary)

Paintbrush (discretionary)

Heated glue firearm

Plate LEGO pieces for the top

Little LEGO pieces to bundle in the tin

Wash your Altoid tin and let it dry totally. In the event that you like, paint the edges of the highest point of the tin to cover the red structure. You may likewise leave the tin in its present condition. You may require a few layers of paint. Let dry totally.

Craft glue the plate (the single layer) LEGO pieces to make the base on the top. You will require pieces that all out 10 scores across and 6 indents wide to fit the plate fixated on the tin.

Or on the other hand, to cover the highest point of the tin totally, you’ll need pieces that all out 11 scores across and 7 indents wide. I prescribe the previous blend, as the edges fit completely on the tin and the arrangement is simpler to achieve with various pieces.

Let the heated glue dry well. Bundle Lego pieces in the tin, and blessing to kids!

I love these charming and simple Lego Altoid tins so a lot, I sort of need to make a couple for myself. They are magnificent little packs to keep kids occupied in the vehicle or on plane rides.


Supergluing the LEGO’s

Presently, take the level LEGO pieces and superglue them to the cover of the Altoids tin. On the off chance that you need to you could even paste some slight and level LEGO pieces to the sides of the cover or make an example out of the LEGO’s.

Filling the Tin

This following stage is extremely straightforward. You should simply put the entirety of the LEGO’s that you selected within the altoids tin. You may need to mastermind them with a specific goal in mind to get every one of them to fit on the off chance that you selected a ton of them.


Amazing! You’re done. Presently, to utilize it you simply need to snatch the pieces you need to work with and manufacture anything you desire to with them on the top with them on the top where you superglued the level LEGO pieces and HAVE FUN!!.