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DIY Craft How To Make Your Own Adorable Felt Mice

On an ongoing escape north to visit my sibling and his family in the ideal Port Macquarie, I met a companion of my niece’s who adored art. Effectively a specialist crocheter, Willow Miles’ other pet undertaking was making felt mice, and had transformed her room into an awesome little tunnel, with many mice in various sizes and outfits roosted in each accessible space.

Make a bit of something for them and shroud it in their bookbag. At that point when they find a workable pace, pull out that first book, a valuable little toy will be sitting tight for them! Indeed, even a grouchy young person will get a major grin discovering something unique like this little mouse took care of their rucksack. It’s a sweet method to state, “I’m contemplating you,” without getting soft. Child’s don’t care for soft. So here’s a method to take care of your inward requirement for mush without driving your children or grandchildren insane. Brief disclaimer here… we tried out these toys on kids and the young ladies certainly reacted more well than the young men. On the off chance that we can discover something with superheroes or things of more enthusiasm to young men, we will! Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have a young lady in your life, I can basically ensure these little felt artworks will be an immense hit.

With only a couple of bits of felt, some piece texture and a needle and string, Willow had let her fanciful notion go out of control, affectionately embellishing every one so it woke up with it’s own dear character.

I was so amped up for at last having an utilization for all my old doily and texture off-cuts, we expeditiously sorted out a crafternoon so she could show me how!

This art requires needles and loads of fiddly bits, so this is a specialty most appropriate to kids 8 and over who are glad to wile away a stormy evening.

In case you’re not sure with sewing, solid paste will likewise work. Simply give it an opportunity to dry before moving onto the subsequent stage.

Instructions to make DIY Felt Mice

You’ll require

Felt in a couple of various hues (contingent upon what shading you need your mouse)

Scrap material, for example, ribbon, cotton or trims from old garments

Dark string

White string


Sequins or dabs for the eyes

A modest quantity of stuffing (remaining texture will do



Cut out the different sides of the head (utilize the guide beneath – they ought to be a snare shape), two arms, two feet, two little circles for the ears and a tail. You need the neck to be very (around 5 or 6 cms in length.

Line the head together with the needle and string. At that point stuff it with a limited quantity of texture so it’s firm. Sew the base and sew in the tail and feet.

Discover some piece texture that is destined to be it’s dress or shirt (think cotton, doilies, strips – anything you like!) at that point sew around it’s neck sew. Include a couple of layers in the event that you’d like your skirt to surge out. We picked some calico and three layers of ribbon.

Improve the face by sewing in little bruised eyes, a nose, and stubbles. On the off chance that your mouse has a cap, join this before sewing on the ears.

Make little ‘sleeves’ with the rest of the texture. These ought to be two little square shapes. Overlay them fifty-fifty and sew in the hands.

Rehash over until you have a group of charming little mice!