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Spring is authoritatively here, alongside a lot of hungry fowls. These winged animal seed adornments are a very simple child’s specialty that you can make from only a couple of things that you presumably as of now have in your home. The winged creatures will thank you and children will cherish making them!

You may likewise adore our Mason Jar Bird Feeder loaded up with a suet cake. The winged creatures will adore this one, and you’ll cherish having the option to watch them!This is an enjoyment and child well disposed custom made birdseed decoration formula that is ideal for Earth Day or whenever you need to draw in a couple of flying creatures for simple fowl viewing with the children or family.

The most effective method to MAKE BIRD SEED ORNAMENTS

Feathered creature seed adornments are an enjoyment and basic child cordial and winged animal well disposed art. You can make your trimming any shape you like; simply make certain to cut a hover in the middle so the flying creatures can roost while they feast on delightful winged creature seed. All you need is some slender cardboard, nutty spread (the Audubon Society guarantees us that nutty spread is alright for flying creatures), and winged animal seed.

Make these simple feathered creature seed adornments from only a couple of things that you most likely as of now have in your home. Nutty spread, cardboard, and flying creature seed!

Fixings YOU’LL NEED:

slight cardboard, (for example, a grain box)


format or enormous dough shapers


nutty spread (or equivalent, fowl safe spread)

winged creature seed

little nail or woven artwork needle

botanical wire

Smooth your cardboard and utilize a format or dough shapers to draw any shape you like with a pencil. In the middle, draw a hover around 1/2-creeps in distance across. Cut out the shape and within circle. TIP: Adults can puncture the inside with the nail or needle to assist cut with excursion the middle.

Utilize the nail or needle to jab an opening in the highest point of the shape (grown-ups as it were). String a bit of flower wire through the opening and bend to close.

Pour some fledgling seed in a plate or dish.

Spread a far layer of nutty spread on the shape. Hold the shape over the plate and spread with feathered creature seed. Go over to evacuate abundance.

Spot the decoration on a preparing plate fixed with wax paper to set. Whenever wanted, rehash on the opposite side (discretionary).

Hang outside and sit tight for your feathered companions!


To begin with, you need to blend the gelatin in with a half cup of cold water until it’s completely broken down!

Presently include a half cup of bubbling water (grown-up help required) to the bowl, and mix it gradually until its totally broke down.

Next, include 2 tablespoons of corn syrup and once more, mix until broke down.

At long last, it’s the ideal opportunity for you to blend in the winged creature seed.

Presently for the muddled part, time to spoon the seed blend into the dough shapers.

Fill the dough shapers about midway and utilize a little bit of material paper to press the seeds solidly into the form.

Fill the cutout to the top and press again.To make a gap for your twine, drive the straw into the birdseed. Leave a lot of room between the straw and the edge. Press around the straw to guarantee the seeds will hold shape around the gap.