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Bold Tile Design Ideas for Your Kitchen

Tile is one of the most popular and sought after materials in the home improvement industry. Homeowners desire it and designers are continuously coming up with creative new ways to display it. There’s something for everyone given the variety of styles, materials and colours on the market.

Tile is perfect for the kitchen because it holds up against messes, stains and spills. This article will expand the possibilities and your imagination for installing tile in your home. See bold tile design ideas for your kitchen that’ll challenge you to think outside the box and pull you out of your comfort zone.

Super Sleek

Add a modern and sleek twist to your kitchen with shiny tile in eye-catching colours. Glossy and smooth surfaces bring texture and elegance to your space. A sleek, vibrant tile backsplash paired with wood cabinets and a dark counter top is a practical way to brighten up the room. Draw even more attention to the tile by installing under cabinet lighting.

Designs & Patterns

Shapes, outlines and patterns are back in style and they’re perfect for incorporating into your kitchen design. You don’t need to use much of it to make a difference. These unique decorations add character and colour with minimal effort.

Patterns are exciting to use and with the right touches, can lift a scheme from conventional to stunning in no time. Incorporate contrasting elements to normalize the room by setting it against wood floors or adding a subtle back splash.

Trendy Shapes

When shopping for tile, don’t forget to consider all the different shapes and sizes it comes in. Large and oversized squares or rectangles bring a unique style to your kitchen floors, walls and counter tops. Decide if you want the shape of the tile to be the main focus before choosing your colours. This way you can go lighter or darker depending on how your shapes will influence the rest of your kitchen design.

Funky Floors

I can’t talk about bold tile design ideas without delivering some funky concepts too. Give your kitchen floor multiple personalities with patchwork of patterned tiles. While it may not be for everyone, the interlocking and combination of different colours and patterns will bring life to a neutral kitchen with stainless steel appliances. Horizontal shapes in monochromatic colours deliver balance to a funky room with bold designs.

Vibrant Contrast

Make a statement with your tile by choosing bold colours that display contrast against your cabinets and floors. Although you may not ever think you would want orange tile in your kitchen, you can see in the example above that the look actually comes together nicely when done right. It’s so bright and cheery with clean lines that it’s hard to consider it tacky or too bold.

New Heights of Back Splash

How high is too high for running your back splash up your wall? Well, if you ask the experts, there are no limits. Covering an entire wall in your favourite design and splash of colour makes for a great accent wall. Slim, horizontal lines in cool colours draw your attention away from the fact that there’s so much space between the top of your cabinets and your ceiling.

This is another example of a back splash that covers the entire width and height of a kitchen wall, but this one has more of an artsy twist. The various glass mosaic tile shapes and colours blend together to form a display of beautifully placed broken glass. The white counter tops and lighter top cabinets are necessary because otherwise this space would feel too dark.

Is bold tile design in your kitchen for you? That’s for you and only you to decide. Hopefully these ideas gave you a little insight as to what’s out there and how it looks when it comes together in a home. Even if you’re not the bold type, working tile into your kitchen design is always a safe move.