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Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Boys of All Ages

There is a famous quote from an unknown author that says “Little boys are like snowflakes, there are no two alike.” Boys need a place to express their unique self, learn and grow. Their bedroom should facilitate all these things, proving a space they can truly call their own and enjoy.

Just like the saying goes, no two boys are alike and neither should their bedrooms. A simple coat of paint in their favourite colour can be enough to update the look and make for a place they can’t wait to show their friends. Even adding learning tools and posters to the walls will give them a space they can call theirs. From sports to super heroes, here are a few ideas to create a space for your child to enjoy.

Talk to Your Child

Decorating a bedroom is an activity both a parent and child can truly bond over. One of the best parts in redesigning your son’s room is hearing his ideas when it comes to design. Let them use their imagination and creativity to help plan, paint and decorate. Of course, you’ll be them to guide them away from clashing colours or safety hazards. Ask them about their favourite colours or shapes. See what they’d like to use their room for to see what’s important to them. Do they need a quiet study spot or a place to build model airplanes? How about a space where siblings can’t take their video game controller? These questions will help you focus on a theme and purpose for a boy’s bedroom design.


One of the biggest concerns parents have when it comes to decorating their son’s room is how quickly they grow in and out of interests and how to plan for a growing boy. If you are starting early with a toddler boy’s bedroom remodel, or even with a child in grade school, you can expect to update as he gets older. However, there are still a few modifications you can make.

  • If your son is still in a crib or toddler bed, leave enough room for a full or twin-size bed as he gets older, especially if there are any permanent features to the room such as drawers or cabinetry.
  • Plan for added storage. As your child grows, he is sure to accumulate more toys and clothes. If you plan early, you’ll save space and money. Additionally, consider where a desk may go when he needs to finish his homework or work on projects.
  • Keep in mind items that have the ability to create a quick change like bedding, wall décor and window treatments.

Boys Bedroom Themes

Decorating your child’s room is much easier with a theme in mind. Take into consideration your child’s interests. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Sports Bedroom Décor

Does your son love sports? The great thing about this décor theme is that it’s extremely versatile and has many of creative options. Bedroom paint can be as detailed as painting a team logo or as simple as incorporating his favourite team’s colours. You can decorate using a variation of sports or with one specific sport in mind. There are plenty of creative options you can incorporate with sports equipment. Here are a few creative ideas:

  • Hang a basketball net from the back of the door for a fun game.
  • Hang his favourite sports team pennants from the window on a rod as a creative window treatment.
  • Paint the closet door like sports lockers and replace the handles with padlocks.
  • Choose bedding in the colours of his favourite sports team.

Nautical Boys Room Decor

Does your little boy love fishing and dreaming of sailing the seas? A nautical themed bedroom could be the perfect place for him to feel like he’s under the sea. Paint the room in blue or green hues. If you’re feeling ambitious, try painting a striped accent wall of blue and white to really create the maritime feel. Shells, fishing poles with the line removed, anchors, maps and other ocean inspired décor works well here.

Car Themed Bedroom

If your son can’t wait for a car of his own, but isn’t quite of age, give him a room that will make him feel like he’s in the driver’s seat. Use bright, bold colours throughout the room. Incorporate black and white checker patterns into bedspreads and curtains to match the colours of the finish line. Repurpose old license plates and toy cars into interesting room décor like lamps and wall hangings.

Video Game Bedroom

For the guy who’s always connected to his gaming console, create the perfect space for him to play! Bright colours and geometric shapes work well here. Decorate walls with pictures of his favourite characters. And of course, create the perfect technology space for him to play. Video game consoles tend to come with many wires and attachable parts. Make sure you include storage options to keep things tidy and untangled. An old DVD shelf can also be repurposed to hold different-sized games. And of course, a bean bag or floor chair will keep him comfortable as he races to the next level.

Neutral & Clean

If you’re concerned about your child’s taste changing dramatically or you plan to move, you can create a room that’s clean and sleek for your son to grow into but not lose his personal taste. Stick to neutral paint colours like beige, off-white or gray. Add colour by incorporating accents. This allows for a versatile room as your son grows. Try incorporating one of his favourite colour into things that can be easily changed, like rugs or bedspreads. Find accents items that you can incorporate on desks and dressers to express his personal taste.

Creating a boy’s room for your child can be a fun experience and nothing will beat the look on their face when they see their new bedroom for the first time. Incorporate a few of these ideas to give him the bedroom he’s always dreamed of!