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7 Easy DIYs that will Instantly Upgrade Your Home

There’s always something you could be remodelling in your home, but why spend time and money redoing when there are simple DIY tricks that’ll get you a similar look at a more reasonable price? The best part is that most of these projects can be done over the course of a weekend.

There’s something for every room and projects that are most likely staring you in the face, including those you’ve been ignoring because you’re not sure where to start. See 7 easy and budget-friendly DIY ideas that’ll have your home looking glamorized in no time.

1. Replace Light Shades & Switch Covers

Take a look around your house and inventory how many lamp or pendant light shades you have that are only useful for collecting dust. Replacing light shades is a simple touch that can really brighten up a room.

Hop online and search for light shades and covers that’ll mesh well in your style of home. There are thousands of colours and designs to choose from. While you’re at it, take note of your light switch covers and get those replaced at the same time. One idea is to purchase inexpensive craft store frames which will fit perfectly around your light switch covers and give them some style.

2. Hide Television Wires

There’s nothing attractive about a bunch of wires cluttering the space around your TV stand and laying all over your floors. It’s a common household problem, and that’s why people have come up with all sorts of ways to hide those pesky wires.

One suggestion that I think is clever is to hide them in a shower curtain rod. This will work well if you have a mounted television. Otherwise, visit your nearest craft store and grab some pretty covers to put over the wires.

3. Dress Your Bed Like They Do

Ever wonder why you’re impressed when you walk in a glamorous hotel room? It’s because they have the bed looking nice and comfy. Something as simple as switching out old bedding can add life and back into to your bedroom. Pick out cozy fabrics and colours. If you don’t want to replace all of your bedding, then at least work on adding more pillows and creating more layers.

4. Add Cheap Framed Mirrors to Closet Doors

I thought this idea sounded a little strange at first, but then I saw the picture and thought it was quite a cute suggestion. I couldn’t believe how much better the closet doors looked after adding the mirrors. Not only does the room look bigger, but the doors are now functional because of the attached mirrors. It’s a fun DIY project that will brighten the room and give you more chances to look your best.

5. Dress Up Your Curtains

Your windows and curtains deserve attention too. It can be as simple as adding some cute tiebacks, or installing elegant holders in the wall. This is the sort of small detail that’ll add a lot of style and beauty to your home. I’ve also heard that basket-weaving the top of your drapes is a great way to dress up your curtains.

6. Spruce Up Old Air Vents

All of our homes need air vents but no one actually likes how they look. They’re usually unappealing colours and can drag down a room if they take up a lot of space. That is until now, get out the spray paint or cover them up with a rubber doormat, and you’ll quickly be able to make those old air vents look like part of your home. I think the white air vent above is proof of just how different and polished they appear after a coat of paint.

7. Paint Your Floors

Home owners choose vinyl floors because they’re relatively easy to install, inexpensive and very durable. As time passes, it’s likely the colour or style might wear on you and you’ll consider updating them for something more modern. Before you spend the money ripping out and replacing your floors, consider a fresh coat of paint.

These DIY improvements can be applied to many rooms around your house. The upgrades outlined in this article will give your home a fresh new look without breaking the bank. Pay attention to the details and make small changes over the course of a few weeks. You’ll be thrilled to see that after a couple fixes here and there, your house is in much better shape.