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7 Decor Ideas to Make Your Stairwell Stand Out

Of all the areas that you have to decorate in your home, the smallest spaces are often the most forgotten. Entryways are abandoned and small alcoves are easily ignored. But these small areas can add an extra element of style to your home. These spaces can be decorated to impress, no matter the size or shape.

The stairwell is an area that you use often but may not give much thought to design. After all, the stairs are mainly used to transition to other rooms, not to sit and enjoy. However, a well-designed stairwell can create a look that carries on throughout the home. Not only does the design need to be functional and safe, but it should reflect the overall style. So take the next step to improve your home with these stairwell decorating ideas.

1. Stairwell Gallery

A great way to refresh the look of your stairwell is to hang a gallery wall. Unlike other walls in your home, you’ll want to hang frames and photos as the stairs rise, keeping photos at or above eye level. This is not just limited to photos, but it could be artwork, memorabilia and more. Here are a few ideas:

  • A stairwell is a great way to display family photos. Work chronologically to show off different generations in your family tree as you walk up and down the stairs.
  • Find various bright, bold pieces of artwork to add colour to a neutral stairwell wall. Arrange them so colours and patterns work together.
  • If you like to travel, transform your stairwell into a gallery of all the places you’ve been. Hang different sizes so your guests can journey with you as they walk up the stairs.
  • Pick out your favourite pattern or colour in different variations of paper. Frame it and hang for a versatile style for your stairs.
  • Hang various sizes of mirrors to help reflect the light around the stairwell.

2. Paint A Stairwell

It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do for a room, but it can do even more in a small space like a stairwell! Make a statement with a vibrant colour like yellow or purple to draw attention to the area. If possible, use your stairs to compliment your wall colour. For example, using gray on the walls and black and white on the stairs. This classic combination looks good in any home.

Painting a stairwell wall may seem easy, but don’t forget that the space is elevated. Your risk of falling is higher and you should never use a ladder on stairs. Contact a pro who will be able to safely paint the tough to reach stairwell walls.

3. Decorative Stair Risers

Don’t overlook what you can do to each step. Stair risers can subtly add décor without sacrificing the look of the entire space. This is where you can really get creative. If you love the thought of incorporating a bold paint colour, but aren’t ready to try it on an entire wall, painting your stair risers can be a great option. Chalkboard paint allows you to change the design as you please and is a lot of fun for children to help with.

Decals and wallpaper are great solutions if you’re looking to incorporate a pattern. Many of these options are customizable, so you can decorate your staircase exactly the way you’d like. If you included stairwell wall décor, try and incorporate the same theme into your stair riser design.

4. Stair Railing Decorations

Often considered more during the holidays, stair railings can be dressed up to add a subtle touch of style to any stairwell. The biggest concern here is always safety. Never let your decorating impact anyone’s ability to safely walk up and down the stairs. A quick way to change the look is with a flat lace ribbon wrapped around the railing. For a more dramatic look, find a paint colour that will perfectly accent your stairwell décor and spend an afternoon painting your stair railing. If you want to keep the natural look, a stain will work well to upgrade your current wood railing.

5. Accent With A Stair Runner

Keep your feet warm and firmly on the ground by adding a chic stair runner to your stairwell décor. Stair runner rugs help complete the look of your stairwell décor. They also tend to be less slick than bare floor, so it helps to make your stairwell safer for your family. Stair runners come in many variations, styles and patterns, so it’s easy to find one to fits your look. Costs vary depending on rug length.

6. Christmas Stair Decorations

On many holiday cards, there’s the image of children running down the beautiful staircase to open presents under the tree. You can create that picturesque experience for yourself in your home. One of the great things about holiday décor for your stairwell is that it’s versatile, you can try new things every year! Here are a few simple ideas to add extra holiday cheer to your stairwell:

  • Wrap the stair railings and banisters with festive garland.
  • Replace your gallery wall with different sized wreaths and ornaments.
  • Hang stockings from the railing.
  • Include bows and lights hung over photos or artwork on the staircase wall.

7. Repair it!

A coat of paint or a few photos may not be the answer to creating a stairwell you love. If you’re unhappy with the current look and feel of your current stairs, get them repaired before decorating. The average cost of stair repairs is $586, however this varies by the project.

The stairwell is a style element to your home that should not be forgotten. Most of the time, stairwell décor is a quick and easy way to update the interior design of your home and add a focal point to your living room or entry way. The space is small enough to try out new styles you may not be ready to introduce in an entire room. Get creative and enjoy giving your stairwell a stylish new look.